Exit 2 Show Notes

Stuck Between Studios pre-upgrade...

Stuck Between Studios pre-upgrade...

...aaaaand post-upgrade

...aaaaand post-upgrade

Exit 2: Miniature Fermentations was recorded and edited at the all-new Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY on October 4th-5th, 2009.  Our new rig features 2 Electrovoice RE-20 mics and an Apogee Duet Firewire audio interface.  As a result, it is our hope that you will note a marked uptick in audio quality this week, though we freely admit that we do not yet fully understand the concept of audio compression, and hope to fully grasp this concept by next week. Until then, we hope you will excuse certain uneven sound levels in the program.

The music this week was provided by the amazing Joe Raciti, the King of Popsical, who plays frequently around New York City and beyond, and who is one of the most brazenly creative (not to mention generous) people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.  We used tracks from his albums Romantic Shark Attack and Duck Duck Moose, both of which you should purchase and enjoy immediately.

Our guests included:

  • Gerrit Hall, estimable co-host for the Vital Topics segment
  • Aaron Hollander and Chris Vitale, who formed our Panel of Distinguished Experts
  • Our nomadic film critic Tucker McCool
  • And of course, our wizened archivist G.T. Boswell

If you’d like some context for our discussion of the upcoming re-write of the New International Version Bible, click here.  Also, yes, jerk-nose, we are aware that On The Media has already done a segment on this topic, and you know what?  They probably did it better.  They did not, however, mention pickles even once, which is, in our view, a crucial omission.

Please send us your thoughts on the program at shambalaradio[at]gmail[dot]com, and don’t forget to check out more vibes from our tribe at 2log, the blog that gets bizzy.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING–we’ll see you next week!


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