Exit 3-Pharoah Sauce

This week, the first installment of Defend Your Adulthood, in which two members of our Vital Topics panel must explain their choice to start playing Dungeons & Dragons.  Cashmere Thoughts offers a taste of certain obscure nectars, and we’re firing a dual-cylinder blast of the Philadelphia Report: Chicago correspondent Neal Dandade tells us how he feels about cops, and Philadelphia correspondent Ben Camp relates a sad tale of urban misfortune.  Search for Delicious finds The Lu demanding explanations from a bespectacled magician, and Alan Smith keeps us updated on his work as the Bearer of the Mantle of Justice–his current project, the Young Invincibles, officially launches today.  If it sounds too heady, do not fear–you will also be transported to realms of emotional tranquility by the music of Nat Cassidy and Fiona Landers.  Our official archivist G.T. Boswell, has lots to say about all of this also, of course, so stop reading this and click below to listen!

Or click here to stream and/or download Pharoah Sauce.

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


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