Exit 3 Show Notes

Alan Smith flashes the Young Invincibles' gang symbol of justice.

Alan Smith flashes the Young Invincibles' gang symbol of justice.

Exit 3: Pharoah Sauce was recorded and edited October 8-13th at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY, using our twin Electrovoice RE20 mics and our Apogee Duet FireWire interface.  It featured our inaugural attempt to utilize Garageband’s various compression settings, and the near-disastrous results of this are clearly audible on this week’s Vital Topics segment.  Our Engineering Team (read: me after a few more cups of coffee) will be investigating this situation and will attempt to re-visit it next week (read: maybe not so much with the compression next time).

Our music this week was provided by the incredible Nat Cassidy, who is a virtuoso talent in both the musical and theatrical arts, and you should check out his music here (we used songs from his album Pet Symmetry) and keep an eye out for plays under his direction and/or authorship–he just received two 2009 Innovative Theater Awards for his efforts in those areas, BECAUSE HE IS EXTREMELY AWESOME.

Speaking of awesomeness and music, how about that Fiona Landers?  We featured her song Fucked Over And Spent, but she has numerous other lovely songs (Pure and Crooked is another favorite of mine), and plays frequently around Los Angeles, so if you’re out there and looking to hear some great music, git on out to a Fiona Landers show.

This week marks the inaugural appearance of Chicago correspondent Neal Dandade, who freestyles and also does blisteringly original improv comedy all around the Windy City.  Watching him perform is a rare treat, and if you’re in Chicago and would like to see the freestyle act he’s currently working on, head on over to the  Town Hall Pub on Monday nights, or check him out with his team Shadowfax at iO Chicago.

If you are interested/enraged by our interview with Alan Smith of Young Invincibles, please email us (shambalaradio@gmail.com), and be sure to check out their site and get involved.

Vital Topics panelist Ben Masten and I are part of a sketch comedy duo called Audience of Two, and if you are in the New York area and would like to see us be hilarious LIVE AND IN PERSON, you should come see us at the 2009 SketchProv Festival, which, if I may be a braggy-pants, we won last year.

As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas at shambalaradio@gmail.com, and deeply appreciate your listenership.  We hope you enjoy Exit 3: Pharoah Sauce, and we’ll see you next week!

The Lu in the process of having her mind blown.

The Lu in the process of having her mind blown.


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