Exit 4 Show Notes

Master of Fine Arts Alison Klein poses after a successful recording session.

Master of Fine Arts Alison Klein poses after a successful recording session.

Exit 4-Uptown Tea was recorded and edited October 13-20th, 2009 at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  We unveiled the latest additions to our almost-complete recording rig, the Shure SM7B and its li’l sister, the Shure SM58, noting with some dismay that the sound quality of each was robust and delicious, despite the fact that the 58 cost 1/4 the price of the 7B.  DO NOT FEAR: we did not allow this to deter us from purchasing more audio equipment, and we will unveil the Alesis MultiMix in Exit 5, wherein each Vital Topics panelist will have their very own mic.

The extremely lovely music you will hear in the show is courtesy of the amazing Maddy Wyatt, who plays frequently around New York in a variety of formats, including Sagebrush Valentine, a format she co-founded in which songwriters pick titles out of a hat and then create songs from scratch.  The songs we used are from her marvelous album Backdive, available at finer iTunes music stores near you.  She will not be un-famous for long, so get out and see her and her awesome band as soon as you can!

Mandy Schmieder appears on the show portraying one of the many memorable characters from her one-woman show Shemandigans, which ran recently at the People’s Improv Theater here in New York, and she plays there regularly as a member of the improv teams Punch and SidViscous!, both of which are all sorts of hilarious.  As a matter of fact, Punch plays every Wednesday night for FREE at the PIT, so what exactly are you waiting for?  GO SEE MANDY IN PERSON AT ONCE.

Our Panel of Distinguished Experts this week included Master of Fine Arts Alison Klein and Dr. Susan Tansil, and featured, as always, our esteemed co-host Mr. Gerrit Hall.

We wish also to extend our gratitude to The Lu for endangering her credit rating and perhaps even the security of our apartment by giving a crazy stranger her phone number on the air for your entertainment.

Correspondents Neal Dandade and Allen Brooks continue to amaze us with their amazingness, not to mention their spine-tingling reporting from the field, and though ol’ G.T. Boswell may not have as steady a hand on his tape recorder as he once did, his trademark gravitas continues to give us pause.

Thank you so much, most of all, to YOU, fair listeners, for allowing our nonsense to permeate your minds once again, and as always, we welcome your feedback here on the site or via email at shambalaradio[at]gmail[dot]com.  If you enjoy the show, please tell your friends that they would also, and do not hesitate to get together and drink delicious beers whilst listening.  It certainly helps us whilst recording.


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