Exit 4-Uptown Tea

This week, a curious aquarium patron demands answers regarding the likelihood of leaping anemones, and a Massachusetts lady with a very special talent would like to know if you’ve ever visited the Roxy Delicatessen?  The Lu has either re-connected with a long-lost companion or irrevocably surrendered her credit card information, and Vital Topics covers buoys, boys, buffalo, and whiskey bacon ice cream.   The music of Maddy Wyatt and the ruminations of G.T. Boswell will keep you warm as the brisk autumn breeze of Exit 4 blows all up in your ears.

Click here to download, or stream it below.

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


2 Responses to Exit 4-Uptown Tea

  1. Flav says:

    I still say “buoyed” (the verb) as “Boo, weed” (as Masten would say, it’ll stone you out of your gourd).

  2. […] Topics on TBTL! Holy freaking boomjamz!  We are so excited to announce that an excerpt from Exit 4: Uptown Tea (specifically, the Cashmere Thoughts segment, in which I shared a tale of appearing in the movie […]

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