Exit 5-Always and Forever

This week, Cashmere Thoughts says God bless the child that remains blissfully unaware of dolphin cards and the user actions table.  Daniel John Kelley joins us to offer some insights on the practical uses for origami (can it do your taxes?), and Philadelphia Correspondent Aaron Hollander would like to know if we are actually picking up what he’s putting down.  Speaking of the Philadelphia Report, we’ve got three of them this week, as Ben Camp reveals some reassuring facts about the Youth of America (they still watch Full House!), and Neal Dandade proves that he can make a rhyme out of anything, including the start-up screen of his girlfriend’s DVD player.  Vital Topics asks the central question on everyone’s mind at this time of year: do zombies sleep, and what does this mean about Cleopatra and her snake hat?  Boswell has fixed his tape recorder, and musical guest Nicole Hale has brought her accordion, so consider yourself warned: Exit 5 is bringing the boomjamz directly to your face when you click here, or you can stream it directly below.

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


One Response to Exit 5-Always and Forever

  1. […] Little news, folks: My short play Practical Origami, which I recorded a while back as a piece of audio theatre, was included last week on the fantastic podcast “The Road 2 Shambala.” […]

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