Exit 5 Show Notes


Amber and Rob, bathed in the glory of the Brooklyn sun, expounding on zombies and other Vital Topics

Exit 5: Always and Forever was recorded October 25-27th at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY, on the (finalized?) rig: the Alesis MultiMix 8, powering the Shure SM7B, the Shure SM58, and the twin ElectroVoice RE20’s via the Apogee Duet FireWire Audio Interface.  It feels so good to type it, but it hurts to pay the credit card bill.

No matter!  This show featured the marvelous musical mysticism of Nicole Hale, who was kind enough to send me numerous amazing mp3’s despite the fact that we only met once for a brief moment when I heard her playing the accordion at 5th Avenue and President Street (incorrectly identified as Union Street on the show) and was mesmerized.  You’ll hear her singing, playing guitar, accordion, and dulcimer on this episode, and I happen to know she plays piano and keyboards as well.  Her music is hauntingly beautiful, and we are so grateful to have it on the show.

Daniel John Kelley is an actor and writer who I’ve had the good fortune to see on numerous occasions with his sketch comedy group The Impending Moustache, but he is also extremely active in theater and podcasting, and this week he graciously shared with us his original radio play Practical Origami (which I am now realizing I forgot to say the title of in the show–dips index finger behind collar and grimaces).  His new piece Plagued, or How to Escape Persecution at the Hands of an Angry Mob is a musical for which he composed the book and lyrics (with music by Nick Moore), and it will have a reading at the Kirk Theater at 410 W. 42nd Street on November 2nd at 7pm–admission is free!

Amber Blatt and Rob Blatt are a dynamic and adorable husband and wife creative team–Rob is the proprietor of the Blattcave, and Amber hosts the weekly podcast Hey Brooklyn, which is produced in the aforementioned cave.  In addition to their hilarious ruminations on zombies and various other Halloween apocrypha, they are incredibly generous friends and have three amazing dogs, one of which is named Mattingly, which is one of the best dog names I’ve ever heard of.

Philadelphia correspondents Neal Dandade and Ben Camp are in FULL EFFECT once again this week, and special kudos are owed to Aaron Hollander, who filed an emergency last-minute Philadelphia Report from Boston when a migraine threatened to rob Ben of his faculties–fortunately, he recovered, so we got to hear from both of these brave young Americans.

Gerrit Hall not only continues his streak of amazing puns this week, but he does so with his trademark panache.

G.T. Boswell seems to have fixed his tape recorder, and the results are a powerful denunciation of the stranglehold of technology on our most cherished traditions…or something like that.  Come to think of it, I’m not really sure Boswell even knows this show is on the Internet.

The Road 2 Shambala salutes those brave souls who sing in subway cars day in and day out…we’d be late to work and enraged without you.  As it is, we’re just late to work.

Thank you so much for listening, dearies!  Don’t forget to write: shambalaradio[at]gmail[dot]com.


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