Cashmere Thoughts on TBTL!

TBTLmonkeyHoly freaking boomjamz!  We are so excited to announce that an excerpt from Exit 4: Uptown Tea (specifically, the Cashmere Thoughts segment, in which I shared a tale of being cast in my first movie for a scene which I was told was a “downtown dinner party,” but was in fact a giant sex orgy) is featured in the 10/29 podcast of Too Beautiful To Live, which is far and away our favorite radio program/podcast of all times, and which is, in all sincerity, the reason The Road 2 Shambala even exists–not that we would dare claim to be anywhere near as awesome as TBTL (though listeners to both shows will be able to hear us ripping ’em off puh-retty hard).  What we mean is that TBTL is one of the most hilarious, warm, inspiring experiences you can have between a pair of headphones, and it made us want to make something that also celebrates friends, goodtimes, conversation, and beer, and we are SO EXCITED to be a part of Episode #430 that we don’t even know what to do with ourselves.  Thank you so much for listening to The Road 2 Shambala, and if you have yet to experience TBTL in your life, go listen to all of it right away, and join us in hoping that it never lives up to its name.


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