Exit 6 Show Notes


Lorraine and Michelle are excited about lasers...

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 6-You Don’t Need Glasses was recorded and edited 10/28-11/3, 2009 at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn.  It features our second attempt at utilizing the elusive art of compression, with, we think, mostly good results.  The only thing we’re mortified by is the part during Cashmere Thoughts where we fumble for the words “microphones” and “pre-amps,” since microphones and pre-amps are basically the only things we’ve thought about since July.  We know more about microphones and pre-amps than we know about some members of our actual family, and we couldn’t even come up with a goddamn specific?  Our credit card weeps for this knowledge, and yet it was not available to our idiotic tongue during the recording of the podcast for which the very items were procured?  RAGE!  But no matter…

Music this week is courtesy of Brooklyn rockers Analogue, (or Anal06ue [Facebook link], depending who you ask), whose drummer I met on a long, strange 2 train ride a few weeks back whilst transporting the sound-foam you see behind Lorraine and Michelle’s heads back to Stuck Between Studios.  His name is Evan, and both he and Analogue are sick-awesome, as you will hear.  I would never claim to be an expert on the indie music scene, but they certainly play the most unapologetic balls-to-the-wall rock and roll I’ve heard in a long time.

Our Panel of Distinguished Experts this week features the ladies of Girls Side, Lorraine and Michelle, who were hilarious to talk to and are, at this very moment, somewhere making more awesome videos for their YouTube channel.  The thing I love about them is that they don’t really seem to be playing characters in their videos–they just love hanging out with each other, and the goodvibes translate right out of the Internets and into the hearts of America.  It is our humble opinion that there is far too little genuine exuberance in the world, and Girls Side is doing their damnedest to rectify that situation.

Comedian Mike Blejer performs his hilarious song about the enduring power of racial prejudice on the show this week, and you can see much much more of his fine, innovative stand-up work at his website.  He does lots of really smart, creative work with signs and pop-culture imagery which would never translate on the radio, so we were thrilled that he had this piece to share with us.  Scope his upcoming dates on the site and git on out to see him in FULL EFFECT.

Jobo and Lizzie joined us to discuss the experience of working at Trader Joe’s now vs. 10 years ago and the magic of coincidences, respectively, and as you’ll hopefully hear, they are two of the finest individuals you could hope to spend time with.  Jobo, in addition to being the finest Trader Joe’s cashier this side of Damascus, Mississippi, is part of the incredible Green Chair Dance Group, whose mind-bending dance-theatre will likely be making its way to your city soon.

The Lu checks once again with another installment of her Search for Delicious, and if you are able to brush your teeth without thinking about Julie Andrews after hearing her piece, well, kudos, sir or madam.  Kudos to you.

Nealie D fires off another 90-seconds of lyrical hotness, and Boswell and Gerrit Hall are holding it down per usual–Gerrit Hall literally renders me speechless at one point during Vital Topics, and Boswell nearly renders himself speechless at various points.

DON’T FORGET: As you’ll hear in the show, we have a brand-new Studio Hotline, and it’s 909-SHAZAPS.  You should feel free to call at any hour of the night or day, sober or otherwise, and either say something insane/fascinating/insightful that you’d like to have played on the show or just let us know how we’re doing.  We so appreciate your listenership, and look forward to your thoughts on Exit 6 as Exit 7 tip-toes into production…right…now!


...less so about sloths.


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  1. Grandma Cashmere says:

    Give us a kiss, you old microphone fiend.

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