Exit 6-You Don’t Need Glasses

This week, Cashmere Thoughts would like you to know that playing fantasy football may be dangerous to your long-term capacity for wonderment, and Vital Topics reveals the ugly truth about sloths as well as the happy facts about kittens with lasers.  Comedian Mike Blejer joins us with a song about the enduring power of racial prejudice, and Boston correspondents Jobo and Lizzie file dual Philadelphia Reports on Trader Joe’s and madrigal singing, among other things.  Nealie D has more freestyled mindblowings from the city of Chicago, The Lu brushes her teeth, and Boswell fires off his closing ruminations with his trademark calm.  The thumping grooves of Analogue keep things rocking and rolling all through Exit 6, so stop messing about stream it below…

(Or click here to download.)

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


One Response to Exit 6-You Don’t Need Glasses

  1. […] thrilled to have had the amazing ladies of Girls Side on the program–anyone who’s heard Exit 6 knows they are The Awesome. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)SNSD-Etude […]

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