Don’t Worry, Status Yolks

Our shiny new Voicemail Box comes to us courtesy of Google Voice, and it is extremely awesome.  It also has a feature where a group of robots (we assume) transcribes the voicemails and e-mails you a transcript.  This feature is evidently still a little buggy–here’s their take on Nealie D’s recent freestyle from Exit 6:

Yes yes y’all at this time to work. Max wait a minute. Got a reason the fact because I didn’t receive it on the sand and you know. Check it out about some stuff to work and that is ride guess I got a lot about 10 D G is don’t will be job you where. Mackel say. Geez. Yeah, that’s fine. I only did. Don’t worry status yolks, if you come. It’s. Maybe you could say there’s no way he considering that we don’t miss my cos we he everything in sight. Because we need. I just want to go but that’s not now because we gotta do the show old pretty crazy now for lazy Oaks. I’ll talk to synch back but my memory is 80 so I’m gonna cover phrase problem back and then I’m gonna speak. Right straight. Emma chat. So park. You know, I’ve got a card and everybody wants to take that I’m Simpson park that is not true job, more like Marge more like everywhere. Like Valley parts ops I’m saying Valley Forge, but I think on the different because I’ve got the portrayed. Hey Mark Twain my camping clearly, so I got a reply up early. Clearly feel that is like books from youth books on my head and put put my throat 4 seconds, this is what’s up. The Ron Yosemite. Talk to you. One of the bye.

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