Exit 7-All Jacked Up

Alan Smith has the new Droid phone-thingy, and everyone is jealous!  Okay, fine, mostly just I am jealous.  Also I am horrible with credit cards and nervous during phone interviews–but that does not stop me from conducting one with the incredible Rachel Flotard, front-woman for the awesome band Visqueen, who also provide the music for this week’s show.  Did you know that Russian dressing and pastrami cannot, by themselves, fulfill your wildest sandwich fantasies?  Neither did I, until recently.  Speaking of dreams, there’s a kitchenwares factory in Gary, Indiana with a pretty crazy disembodied voice–the Lu has details in The Search for Delicious.  Boswell is a pumpkin-brain–excuse me, has pumpkins on the brain, and though the seasons are changing, we hope you’ll keep it tuned right here.

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


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