Exit 7 Show Notes


Mark is thrilled by the new headphones at Stuck Between Studios--Alan finds them sobering.

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 7-All Jacked Up, was recorded and edited November 7-12th, 2009, at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  As you are hopefully aware by now, the show is hot–so hot, in fact, that it seems to have cooked the circuitry of the Alesis mixer, resulting in some unfortunate hissing during a few segments.  Apologies for being SO HOT, Alesis mixer.

Huge wham-bang thanks to Rachel Flotard of Visqueen for both allowing me to use her fantastic rock music and also chatting with me about her life and work–she is, I think you will agree, about as dynamic and exciting a person as you could hope to meet in any field.  Breaking from recording for five years to care for her beloved father, who was dying of cancer, she could have handled the situation in a variety of ways, but the way she selected is to get back out there and rock faces, a lesson we all need to be reminded of whenever possible in my opinion.  If you dig Visqueen’s music as much as I do, please support them by buying Message to Garcia–it’s an absolutely sick record, and should, in my humble opinion, be thumping in as many headphones as possible.

I was also thrilled to have the original Panel of Distinguished Experts return for this week’s edition of Vital Topics–Mark Angelillo, Alan Smith, and, as always, my esteemed co-host Mr. Gerrit Hall.  It is, as I hope you can hear, so much fun to simply be in a room with these gentlemen, and we recorded so much tape that we’ll use the second half of the session in Exit 8.  That’s right–IT’S A TWO-PARTER UP IN HERE.

As usual, mad glorious props to The Lu for yet another wonderful installment of The Search for Delicious–I don’t know if everyone is aware that she edits most of those herself in her spare time, despite being employed full-time as an editor on a real actual radio show, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her doing so, particularly because she is way better at it than I will ever be.  Also, I will never think about collanders in quite the same way.

Come to think of it, I will also never think of pumpkins in quite the same way after ol’ Boswell’s ruminations this week.  Actually, scratch that, I will continue to think about them in mostly the same way.

Apologies to any listeners who are Yankees fans–I rage because I love the game, but please know that I love you too–I just hate your team.

Thanks for listening, good peoples!  See you at Exit 8, which starts production right…NOW!


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