Exit 9-These Spirit Voices

IT’S THE EPISODE SAM’S UPSTAIRS NEIGHBORS DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR–because they, as you will hear, totally SUCK.  However, what does NOT suck is our interview with Rose Surnow and Guerrin Gardner, as well as Part 2 of last week’s Vital Topics segment, in which we ponder the most dramatic way for Alan Smith to end his life (don’t worry, it’s hilarious-hopefully).  The Lu has placed the Hipsters of America on notice in this week’s Search 4 Delicious, and the lovely sounds of the Kelsey Jillette Group provide our melodic glue.  Check it out right here.


2 Responses to Exit 9-These Spirit Voices

  1. Mark says:

    What happened to Exit 8? Did I fall asleep at the wheel?

  2. Cave says:

    Yeah Sam, why the Math hatin’? Is this about Equation Mondays?

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