Flying Bear Death From The Skies (Feat. Battleaxe)

Shay Azoulay's rendition of Alan Smith's preferred method of demise.

You may recall the moment in Exit 9-These Spirit Voices when Alan Smith specified the exact way in which he would like to shuffle off his mortal coil.  Alert listener and noted mad genius Shay Azoulay provided the artist’s rendition of said off-shuffling above, and I think you will agree that it is deeply badass.

I hope you will join me today Thursday, 12/3, on Inexplicable Dumbshow, whose hosts have graciously invited me on for an interview.  It’s a fantastic podcast and I will endeavor to live up to its lofty standards of hotness.  As for us, we’ve got a SWEET new show comin’ atcha on Thursday as well–see you then!


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