Exit 9a Show Notes

Aaron Hollander harnesses his training as a fashion model, effortlessly turning to his left to listen to his fellow panelists on Vital Topics

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 9a-Sledgehammer Thesis was recorded and edited from November 15-12/1 at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY. It featured the debut of our new towel-rack/headphone stand, which falls over a lot, but is mostly agreed to look pretty slick.

We featured the wide-ranging musical stylings of Dwight Smith, who you can listen to ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. His MySpace page is here, and you can listen to much larger samplings of sonic adventures here and here. In addition to his musical prowess, The Dwigs is also an explosively hilarious performer of improv comedy, and has recently re-located to NYC from Chicago, so be on the lookout for him to be wrecking faces shortly.

The Phil Wells is, as you’ve hopefully heard by now, a damn genius. But! Dudesong is, as we discussed, not his first foray into the literary jungles, and you can check out his first book, Try the Veal, right here–he donates all of the proceeds to cancer research, because he is also an AWESOME PERSON. Want to see him doin’ his improv thang live on stage at the People’s Improv Theater? Head over there any Wednesday night you’d care to name–he’s on at 9PM with his house team, Punch.

Also! Special thanks to John and Tee at Inexplicable Dumbshow for letting me pull clips from their interview with Paul Russell for use in this week’s Cashmere Thoughts segment. Dumbshow is an amazing resource for actors and theatre artists in general, and I’m particularly drawn to their empathy for the wild and wonderful world of artistry that exists outside of New York City, where we can be a wee bit too convinced of our theatrical superiority, and John and Tee’s show is a warm and intelligent reminder that the magic and mysteries of theatre are no one’s exclusive property. Additionally, if you found the issues raised in the Paul Russell segment of this week’s episode interesting, please do listen to the full Dumbshow interview–it is certainly not my intention to unfairly take him out of context. If, by some dangerous miracle, Paul Russell himself hears this week’s episode, please know that I would love to have you on the show to discuss these matters further.

The Panel of Distinguished Experts this week featured MFA Alison Klein, in a return engagement, along with fellow returning challenger Aaron Hollander, and, of course, Gerrit Hall. I really appreciated everyone’s willingness to get real about their fears and hopes regarding…gulp…bein’ a grownup, and I hope you found the segment entertaining or even…gulp #2…comforting.

Boswell knows more about Thanksgiving than even the Pilgrims and Squanto, so I hope you appreciate the education he has so graciously offered regarding this hallowed tradition.

Thanks as always to Virginia Coalition for being the greatest band in the world–their songs Lonely Cowboy and End of the Road serve as our intro and outro music, respectively.

Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to YOU for listening to the show! Please let me know what you think via voicemail at 909-SHA-ZAPS, or email at shambalaradio@gmail.com. Production on Exit 10 begins right…NOW!


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