Exit 10-Show Notes

Brian serves as Nat's capo

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 10-The Godfather was recorded and edited December 8-10th at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY, and featured our first ever live studio music recording.  As you can see above, it necessitated no small amount of jerry-riggin’.

Thanks to Allen and Lisa Brooks and to the as-yet unborn young Liam–I’ll see you soon, little man.  I have much to teach, though it may not be in your best interests to learn.

Music this week comes courtesy of the very awesome band The Radio Grifters, based out of Austin, TX, but formed in Cheongju, South Korea, of all places, where its various members were all working as English teachers.  Their members have since returned to North America and will soon reconstitute as a throbbing unit of pure rock down there in ATX, but in the meantime, you can check out their album, In A Poolside Cubicle, and much more at their MySpace page.

Nat Cassidy you will remember from Exit 3, when his original tunes graced the program, and he returns this week for an interview with one of his musical partners in crime Brian Pluta.  Two more excellent chaps you could not hope to meet, and talking to them was so much fun that I’m going to air the rest of our 50-minute conversation on a future episode–so LOOKOUT!

The Lu is back once again for more of the Search 4 Delicious, and what she does not yet know is that I forgot to include the intro.  WHOOP WHOOP!

Our Panel of Distinguished Experts featured some of your favorites: Alan Smith, Aaron Hollander, and of course, Mr. Gerrit Hall, and it is distinctly possible that we have another two-parter on our hands–there’s a whole mess of ridiculousness on the reels here at Stuck Between Studios we didn’t even get to this week.

Boswell, as always, will educate your face right off your head–I’ll bet you didn’t know he was an expert in modern poetry.  The world continues to underestimate that beautiful man.

Our intro and outro music were, as always, courtesy of the ever-groovin’ Virginia Coalition–long may they rock.  We also used Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers version of Love Theme From “The Godfather” in Cashmere Thoughts this week–if you’re unschooled in the proud tradition of go-go, Chuck Brown should be your first stop, because, well, he invented the entire genre.

Thank you so much for listening, good peoples, and do not hesitate to share your thoughts about the show via voicemail at 909-SHA-ZAPS or email at shambalaradio@gmail.com.  Production on Exit 11 begins right…NOW!


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