Exit 11-Circle the Wagons

Midnight Rudy has declared it long enough without his input on the show, and has accordingly taped a missive from the road that sheds some light on Sam’s current laundry predicament.  Speaking of predicaments, Ben Camp has been so busy lately that we’ve not seen hide nor hair of the boy, until now–he joins us once again to explain the various EXTREMELY IMPORTANT tasks to which he’s been attending, and also helpfully puts the imminent alien invasion in the proper perspective.  Vital Topics picks up where it left off last week, with an excoriating expose on Corporate Lingo, and Boswell debuts a new narration technique in another edition of All’s Well With Boswell.  All that, plus music from Chris Cubeta and the Liar’s Club as well as Marc Orleans, when you stream it below, or download it here

Copyright 2009 Bright Machine Productions


One Response to Exit 11-Circle the Wagons

  1. Hoss says:

    Granted, I don’t know how the phrase “circle the wagons” is used in corporate circles, but isn’t its meaning more along the lines of “band together to defend ourselves”? Back on the ol’ Chattahoochie trail we all used to circle the wagons (literally) ever’time the Injuns came in to attack.

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