Exit 11 Show Notes

Allen Brooks has a new baby, and so does Stuck Between Studios

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 11-Circle the Wagons was recorded and edited at Stuck Between Studios from December 15-17th, 2009, and features the debut of our new Blue Baby Bottle condenser mic–our first-ever condenser mic, and boy are we still figuring out how to use it.  You may notice a certain jarring, somewhat maddening ripple in the sound of the show this week whenever plosives are uttered–this proud papa has a lot to learn about his new Baby.

Midnight Rudy’s reflections from the open road are underscored by the music of Marc Orleans, who I first heard playing slide guitar in the Union Street subway station right here in Brooklyn (not Union Square, as I mistakenly state in the show).  It was beautiful, and though I successfully got up the nerve to ask him for his contact info, it took me a few weeks to call him.  When I did, however, he very graciously let me use his music, and if you’d like to hear more of it, you should check out the MySpace page linked above, as well as keeping an eye on Thrill Jockey Records, who will be releasing a tribute to Jack Rose that features Marc in the near future.

You’ll also hear Chris Cubeta and the Liars Club rocking between segments on the show–I first heard them a year or so ago blowing the roof off of Union Hall right hear in Brooklyn (not far from the aforementioned subway station, actually), and they will be doing so again on January 29th of the new year for just $8–see you there?

Ben Camp returns from the wilds of Philadelphia this week with an explanation of what has kept him apparently too busy for us over the past few weeks–I think his story checks out.

To the extra terrestrials who contacted us–you are officially On Notice, as is Corporate America, courtesy of Aaron, Alan, and Gerrit in this week’s edition of Vital Topics, a continuation from last week.

Boswell is trying out a little something new this week–let us know what you think about that and anything else at 909-SHA-ZAPS or shambalaradio@gmail.com, and thank you so much, as always, for tuning in.

ALSO, WATCH OUT NOW: The show will sound a little different for the next two weeks–I’ll be out of town for the holidays, but have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare some special-edition content so our feed does not get cold.  We’ll air some more long-form, less tightly-edited (ha) interviews you haven’t heard, and perhaps dip into the Stuck Between Studios archives for some rarefied oldies the gummint don’t want you to know about.  We’ll be back with regular old episodes the first week in January.

Until then–hope your holiday season is 100% Grinch-free, and thanks for the gift of your listenership these last few months–so much more to come in 2010!  But also in 2009–as a matter of fact, the production of our next episode beings right…NOW!


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