Joyce Kilmer Service Area Show Notes

The hand-drawn rear cover art for OGS's "Arts and Crafts"

The Road 2 Shambala: Joyce Kilmer Service Area was recorded and edited on December 23rd at my mom’s house in Alexandria, VA, on my clunky old laptop with a dinosaur version of Garageband which won’t let you record more than 30 minutes of audio at a time. Stuck Between Studios, I miss you so!

Thanks to the members of all the music groups featured on the show–Trio Agua Fria, OGS, Devil’s Workshop Big Band, Amiel, and DJ Flav. Some of you I know well, others I’ve never met and likely never will, but it was a true joy to stumble across your sounds in my puttering about the family house. Our experiences with music used to be so wonderfully specific before the Internet was the main means of distribution–I loved remembering the exact moment I was handed all of your CD’s, and by whom.

Happy holidays and thank you for listening–we’ll be broadcasting from Stuck Between Studios again next week!


One Response to Joyce Kilmer Service Area Show Notes

  1. DJ Flav says:

    Do you want 2 CDs?

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