Molly Pitcher Service Area and Avant-Garde Theatre Collective

A special edition Panel of Distinguished Theatrical Experts has convened at Stuck Between Studios–Kristin Skye Hoffmann (Wide-Eyed Productions), Jon Stancato (Stolen Chair Theatre Company), and Gus Schulenburg (Flux Theatre Ensemble) join us to talk about their work as independent theatre artists re-imagining the traditional theatre company model. named Stolen Chair among its People of the Year in 2005 for, among other things, its breathtaking “live silent film for the stage” The Man Who Laughs..  They awarded the same honor to Flux in 2008 for, also among other things, its Angel Eaters trilogy–a cycle of three full-length plays performed over the course of an entire day tracking one family’s mysterious curse from the Depression to the early ’70’s and far into the future.  Wide-Eyed was named among 2009’s People of the Year for, also also among other things, Spin Cycle–an evening of five politically-minded one-acts thematically connected by interstitial video segments featuring a faux-Reilly (see what I did there?) TV host called The Spin Cycle.  Listen to their brilliance by streaming the show below, or click here.

Copyright 2010 Bright Machine Productions


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