Molly Pitcher Service Area Show Notes

Our Panel of Theatrical Experts, l-r: Kristin Skye Hoffmann, Jon Stancato, and Gus Schulenburg

We’re back at Stuck Between Studios this week with our Panel of Theatrical Experts, a special edition presentation featuring me over-using the word “absolutely” so as to seem insightful in the presence of my very intelligent guests.

Thanks to Kristin, Jon, and Gus for speaking so candidly and thoughtfully about their work, and I do hope you will join me in getting out to see everything they’ve got coming up.  You can check out Wide Eyed Productions right here, Stolen Chair Theatre Company right here (and their Community Supported Theatre project in particular right here), and Flux Theatre Ensemble right here.  These are ambitious peoples, my friends, and I was humbled to have them in the studio.

Hope your New Year is getting off to a marvelous beginning–thanks for spending this part of it with The Road 2 Shambala.  We’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled programming this Thursday with Exit 12, which begins production right…NOW!


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