Exit 15 Show Notes

Day of THIS

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 15-Day of the Mushroom was recorded and edited at Stuck Between Studios in Brooklyn, NY February 12-18th, 2010.  Critics are already calling it “caffeine-fueled.”

Thanks to Michelle of Girls Side for the link to the most amazing website in the world (besides www.girlssiderules.com, of course), and to the Washington Post for printing this.  The Lu and Boswell are to be reverently bowed to as usual for their mind-blowing audio prowess, as are awesome listeners Aaron, Jobo, Josh, Ben, Nick, Nicola, and Nate for their awesome emails and voicemails.  You too can email and/or voicemail us at shambalaradio[at]gmail.com and 909-SHA-ZAPS, respectively, and we humbly hope that you will do so.

Thank you so much as always for tuning in, dearies, and I hope you will join me in getting AMPED UP for Exit 16, the production of which begins right…NOW!


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