Exit 18 Show Notes

Dana & Candice will tell YOU what rhubarb is.

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 18-Rhubarb Warriors was recorded and edited at Hootenanny Studios in Brooklyn, NY, from March 14th-May 2nd (yeesh) 2010 in Brooklyn, NY.  During this same time period, a long, cold winter completed its slow transition into spring, Congress passed comprehensive health care reform, and Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants won almost half as many games as he won all of last year.

This show features the brilliance of Candice Comisi, Dana Variano, Gerrit Hall, Mr. Flapjacks, and of course G.T. Boswell, all of whose patience whilst the production schedule ground to a halt is deeply appreciated by the Management, who are also extremely grateful for the patience of You the Listener in bearing with us through this mysterious sojourn through the Jungles of Delay–we would like to say we learned a great deal about ourselves whilst we were lost therein, but in reality we emerged with only near-mortal wounds from the Scorpions of Self-Doubt and a blurry photograph of the Future Ghost.  Exit 19 will not, we can comfortably assure you, take nearly as long to glide into your ear canals–as a matter of fact, production begins…RIGHT NOW!

Special thanks as always to Virginia Coalition for the use of their marvelous music for the intro and outro!


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