Exit 19 Show Notes


What is this? What? A new podcast episode? SURELY YOU JEST.

But nay! It is TRUTH–we have arrived at Exit 19 on the Road 2 Shambala, recorded, um, at various points between mid-May and October 5th, 2010, at Hootenanny Studios in Brooklyn, NY as well as our new, as-yet-unnamed recording/living digs. What a long, strange trip it’s been since Exit 18! As we touch on in the show’s intro, it was a hell of a crazy summer, replete with The Lu moving to VA for grad school, traveling about with Audience of Two doing some comedy on the road, and moving into a new apartment–my first time flying solo, as indicated by the current contents of my fridge: half a can of coffee, two Stellas, and some Wheat Thins. But you, dear listener, are surely not concerned with these trifles: you want your audio fix, and I am glad to provide it this week, with the assistance of some very important peoples:

  • Virginia Coalition, whose music we are rocking exclusively this week
  • My brother Jake, who sent his guest appearance 6,000 miles across the sea only to have it languish in our inbox for five months, because we are snakebitches
  • Mike Brofman, Aditi Sriram, and Aaron Hollander–the latter of which literally moved to a new city between the time we recorded Vital Topics and today, when it is finally airing. This relocation was likely fueled by outrage as a result of our production delay, and had little to do with his pursuit of a PhD in theology at the University of Chicago.
  • DJ Flav, for helping Boswell locate his tape player
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: All of you for sticking with us! It’s good to be back, and we are SO sorry that we stayed away so long.

As always, we encourage you to contact us with your thoughts on any and all matters via voicemail at 909-SHA-ZAPS or email at shambalaradio@gmail.com. As soon as we are done kicking ourselves for this latest extended hiatus, we will git crackin’ on Exit 20. Cue Back in the Saddle


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