Exit 20 Show Notes

See 'em at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday 10/26!

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 20-We Got Beefs was recorded and edited soup 2 nuts in a single Sunday (October 24th to be exact), which is a first for us here in Procrastination Ville (pop. numerous unfinished recordings).  If all goes according to plan, and the good people at Ustream stop being utter snakebitches, this practice of (hopefully) live broadcasting and recording will continue apace for the foreseeable future.  So get ready for THAT.

Our sincere thanks to Gerrit Hall, Alan Smith, and Miz Yseult Tyler of Quiet Lights for hanging out with us, waxin’ awesome on the verbal tip, as well as for not becoming annoyed and leaving when we wouldn’t stop complaining about Ustream not working.  SO ANNOYING.  Ustream, that is, not these amazing wondrous peoples.  Also checking in as a peoples of amazing-ness and wonder is the one and only DJ Flav, who, as always, found a way to get Boswell’s dulcet tones into your headphones despite the not-insignificant hurdle of Boswell being a certifiable madman (not to mention a certain show host giving him extraordinarily short notice that a recording from Boz was needed).

HEY–come see Quiet Lights with me, Alan, Gerrit, and other right-thinking, groove-orientated youngfolk THIS TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE KNITTING FACTORY.  It’s going to rule.

We’ll be back next Sunday with a (hopefully, oh God please) live Halloween special, for which we welcome your suggestions and ideas via the usual channels: shambalaradio@gmail.com and 909-SHA-ZAPS.  Our pre-production begins…NOW!


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