Exit 21 Show Notes

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 21-Sound Financial Advice was broadcast live on Sunday, October 31st, 2010, and is posted today with minimal trimming (seriously, I just took out one part where the wrong song played for a second).  It was our first live broadcast of this program, and hot JAMBLIES if it wasn’t a blast.  With any luck, we’ll be doing this at least semi-regularly going forward.

Thanks so much to our special guest Mr. Joe Berkowitz, whose exploits can be followed on Twitter as well as Tumblr, who wrote this awesome article in The Awl which we discussed with him on the show, and who brought the word “smang” into our lives, which, as near as he can tell, he heard for the first time in the video above.   Check out in particular his “We Were Promised Hoverboards” project; it’s a pretty great idea and we heartily recommend to any publishers who read this space that they award him a seven-figure deal with all deliberate speed.  Thanks as always to Gerrit Hall, Alan Smith, and DJ Flav for preventing the show from being an hour of a confused, underslept madman frantically adjusting dials in hopes of producing sound, and of course to Ben Masten, with whom the aforementioned madman always feels privileged to share the stage as Audience of Two.

It is not yet clear whether or not we’ll be able to do another live show next week, but by hook or by crook, we’ll have Exit 22 for you a week from today right here.  As a matter of fact, production starts right…NOW.


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