Exit 25 Show Notes

The cast and crew of Radiotheatre's "The Time Machine"

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 25-Eccentric Druid Billionaires was produced and recorded December 14-20th, 2010.  It caused a quartet of extremely agreeable and good natured theatre folk to stay much later at the Red Room than they probably would have preferred, and caused certain podcast hosts to nearly miss their Bolt Bus home to Virginia for Christmas.

Speaking of the aforementioned theatre folk, our sincere gratitude and admiration are due to Dan Bianchi, Frank Zilinyi, Kate Siepert, Wes Shippee, and Emily Owens for setting up and providing a fascinating conversation about Radiotheatre’s current live-action radio-play version of The Time Machine.  Gerrit and I saw the show and then got to interview the creators on the very stage upon which they’d just performed, which made my inner theatre-nerd jump for joy.  I personally found Mr. Bianchi’s reflections on the value of the radiotheatrical storytelling medium very moving and thought-provoking, and hope that you will enjoy the interview.  If you do, you should proceed directly to the Red Room, where the production runs through 12/29.

Thanks also to Alan Smith and Alison Klein for their expert opinions in this week’s installment of Quality Control, to Gerrit for co-hosting the Radiotheatre interview, and also to DJ Flav, who pinch-hits for G.T. Boswell this week with a moving ode to the Christmas spirit.  Our gratitude also goes out as always to Virginia Coalition for letting us use their lovely music on the program, and finally to you marvelous people for tuning in.  Thank you so much for lending us your ears once again this week; we hope you enjoy the show and look forward to seeing you at Exit 26, which goes into production…RIGHT NOW.


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