Exit 26 Show Notes


Thanks to poster-maestro Dan Angeloro for the hot design!

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 26-Palentine’s Day was broadcast live on February 13, 2011.  We’re mum on whether or not releasing episodes more diligently was one of our New Year’s Resolutions, but suffice it to say we’re damned glad we finally got one done.

Huge thanks to our musical guest Matt Singer, and we hope to see you sippin’ yo’ drank this Thursday night at his Living Room show.  We’ve had that tune “Chicago” that he plays on the show today stuck in our heads ever since we heard it, and it was a distinct pleasure to have him back on the program this afternoon.  Thanks as always to Mistress of Fine Arts Alison Klein, Ben Masten, DJ Flav, and Gerrit Hall for kickin’ it with their customary aplomb, and do come check us in HORK! this Saturday at the PIT.  The full audio of the “studio” version will be available here one week from today, our sleep cycle for the week be gol-durnt.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be live again next Sunday afternoon, which means pre-production for Exit 27 begins right…NOW!


Matt Singer's melodies will pluck yo' strangs.

Matt Singer’s melodies will pluck yo’ strangs.

ED. NOTE: If you’re wondering why the caption in the picture is repeated, the answer is: I have no idea.  Fortunately, the sentiment is true enough to say twice.


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