Exit 27 Show Notes

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 27-The Texas Handbook was recorded and produced from January 2-March 2nd under a wide variety of different mental and weather conditions.

It features special guest Jon Bolden all the way from Austin, Texas, to whom we are extremely grateful for trekking out to the wilds of Brooklyn from the swankypants hotel he was staying in for New Years’.  FACT: at the end of the conversation when Ben and I remark that it is time to go eat some burritos, we instead ended up sitting in Hootenanny Studios for a while longer talking about Things with Jon, who is one of the nicest fellows you are ever likely to encounter.  Thanks also to Ben and DJ Flav of course, and, in the unlikely event she is reading this, Julia Zagaria.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s show, and we’ll see you at Exit 28.  Production begins right…NOW!


One Response to Exit 27 Show Notes

  1. JZags says:

    Ah, go hork yourself!

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