Exit 24 Show Notes

December 14, 2010


The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 24-Dark Horses was broadcast live on December 12, 2010, and the uploaded version contains two very slight edits that only those who were in the room for the recording will be able to spot.  INTRIGUE!

Thank you so much to our extremely awesome special guest, Jesse Andrews of The Young Dads, and once you experience the goodtimes, you’re gonna wants to be in attendance this Saturday night at 9pm at Bar 4.  Our thanks as always to Alan Smith, Gerrit Hall, DJ Flav, and Boswell, as well as Virginia Coalition for our intro and outro music.  We of course invite you to share your thoughts on the show or anything else at all via e-mail at shambalaradio[at]gmail[dot]com, or voicemail at 909-SHA-ZAPS.  Also, if you are wondering if your plans for Saturday could possibly get any more awesome, you’re in luck, because our sketch comedy group Audience of Two is presenting an all-new show at 7pm at The PIT, and we would love to see you there!

We’ll see you next week at Exit 25, the production of which begins…RIGHT NOW!


Exit 23 Show Notes

December 6, 2010

Oh my God, I played so much Assassin's Creed 2 while I was bouncing the audio for this episode.

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 23-Architectured! was recorded live on December 5th, 2010 at Hootenanny Studios.  Die-hard fans of the program have perhaps noted that Livestream recorded a video of us recording the show (unbeknownst to us), but we are in the process of attempting to figure out how to delete this video, because our hair looks all janky in it.

Extreme thanks to Liz-E Rothwell for dropping by unexpectedly for an in-studio appearance and sharing her opinions on radiators and spoonable ketchup, as well as coining the phrase “pulling a Sam,” which, by the way, is something you should try to avoid, dear listener.  Thanks as always to Gerrit Hall, Alan Smith, DJ Flav, and G.T. Boswell–in the case of those latter two chaps, we owe you one big time.  And of course our very deep gratitude to the groovalicious dudes of Virginia Coalition for allowing us to use their sweet sweet music.

We hope you enjoy the show, and that, should you have any opinions or concerns about it, you will contact us at once, for we always love to hear from you.  Otherwise, we shall plow ahead with our preparations for Exit 24, which begin…RIGHT NOW!

Exit 22 Show Notes

November 16, 2010

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 22-Sweet 16 was recorded and produced November 14-16th at Hootenanny Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  It was supposed to be broadcast live, but that didn’t happen because Ustream continues their organized conspiracy against our audio delights, which are clearly much too hot for their webtubes to handle.

Thanks to Ben Masten and DJ Flav, without whom we’d have been unable to cook these cakes, and you can see The Man They Call Masten performing live on stage with the host of this program on Saturday 11/20 at 7pm at the PIT for just $8.

Please feel free to share any thoughts about the program via email to shambalaradio[at]gmail[dot]com, or voicemail at 909-SHA-ZAPS.  We will incorporate your notions into Exit 23, the production of which begins…RIGHT NOW.

Exit 22 Broadcasting Live at 7pm!

November 14, 2010

We’ve got a new episode coming your way tonight at 7pm!  Click here to listen live.

The Road 2 Shambala Spiked Tea Party: Mid-Term Election Returns Live Broadcast

November 2, 2010

Tonight, at 8pm, CLICK HERE with cups a-ready, for we’ll be drowning our sorrows right along with you live.

Exit 21 Show Notes

November 1, 2010

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 21-Sound Financial Advice was broadcast live on Sunday, October 31st, 2010, and is posted today with minimal trimming (seriously, I just took out one part where the wrong song played for a second).  It was our first live broadcast of this program, and hot JAMBLIES if it wasn’t a blast.  With any luck, we’ll be doing this at least semi-regularly going forward.

Thanks so much to our special guest Mr. Joe Berkowitz, whose exploits can be followed on Twitter as well as Tumblr, who wrote this awesome article in The Awl which we discussed with him on the show, and who brought the word “smang” into our lives, which, as near as he can tell, he heard for the first time in the video above.   Check out in particular his “We Were Promised Hoverboards” project; it’s a pretty great idea and we heartily recommend to any publishers who read this space that they award him a seven-figure deal with all deliberate speed.  Thanks as always to Gerrit Hall, Alan Smith, and DJ Flav for preventing the show from being an hour of a confused, underslept madman frantically adjusting dials in hopes of producing sound, and of course to Ben Masten, with whom the aforementioned madman always feels privileged to share the stage as Audience of Two.

It is not yet clear whether or not we’ll be able to do another live show next week, but by hook or by crook, we’ll have Exit 22 for you a week from today right here.  As a matter of fact, production starts right…NOW.

Exit 20 Show Notes

October 25, 2010

See 'em at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday 10/26!

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 20-We Got Beefs was recorded and edited soup 2 nuts in a single Sunday (October 24th to be exact), which is a first for us here in Procrastination Ville (pop. numerous unfinished recordings).  If all goes according to plan, and the good people at Ustream stop being utter snakebitches, this practice of (hopefully) live broadcasting and recording will continue apace for the foreseeable future.  So get ready for THAT.

Our sincere thanks to Gerrit Hall, Alan Smith, and Miz Yseult Tyler of Quiet Lights for hanging out with us, waxin’ awesome on the verbal tip, as well as for not becoming annoyed and leaving when we wouldn’t stop complaining about Ustream not working.  SO ANNOYING.  Ustream, that is, not these amazing wondrous peoples.  Also checking in as a peoples of amazing-ness and wonder is the one and only DJ Flav, who, as always, found a way to get Boswell’s dulcet tones into your headphones despite the not-insignificant hurdle of Boswell being a certifiable madman (not to mention a certain show host giving him extraordinarily short notice that a recording from Boz was needed).

HEY–come see Quiet Lights with me, Alan, Gerrit, and other right-thinking, groove-orientated youngfolk THIS TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE KNITTING FACTORY.  It’s going to rule.

We’ll be back next Sunday with a (hopefully, oh God please) live Halloween special, for which we welcome your suggestions and ideas via the usual channels: shambalaradio@gmail.com and 909-SHA-ZAPS.  Our pre-production begins…NOW!