“The Road 2 Shambala” Is Now “Dingmantics!”

February 17, 2012

Hey folks–thanks so much for checking out The Road 2 Shambala!  I’ve consolidated all my podcast efforts into one place, so please check out Dingmantics for more of the good times you’ve come to rely on from The Road 2 Shambala.  New episodes will be posted weekly at samdingman.com, or you can find the show in iTunes.  Thanks!


Exit 32: Clean Random Fun

December 30, 2011

A mysterious note of a salacious nature appears without explanation in Sam’s wallet.  Plus, the infamous tale of Sam’s equally inexplicable appearance in the film “Shortbus,” as well as a live performance of the Audience of Two song “Klippan,” which is about couches and ghosts.

Exit 31: The Unbearable Amstel Lightness of Being

December 19, 2011

The epic struggle between giants and cowboys.  An excerpt from Sam Dingman’s Reasonable Doubt, as performed at the People’s Improv Theater earlier this year.  And some dope rhymes from house poet Perry Meters.  Click here to download, or stream it below.

Exit 30: Spike Your Mind?

September 26, 2011

In addition to completely accurate opinions about auto-correct, video stores, and camping, you will hear the following inspired quotes:

“In light of these events, I’ve become an Anti-Semite.”

“You are a Microsoft Word success story.”

“Blah!  Shazam!”

“It was Frank T.J. Mackey’s sled.”

“I give house-painting two stars.”

And much, much more!

Exit 29-Goodnight Ypsilanti

September 12, 2011

Marshall York joins us to perform live excerpts from his annual 31 Songs/31 Days project, and also enlightens us with the wisdom of Buddhist cowboys.  Kanye West, sweet potatoes, and The Godfather are also covered in depth on this week’s episode, which you can stream below…

Exit 29 Show Notes

September 11, 2011

Marshall York adrift in the mysteries of his mind.

The Road 2 Shambala: Exit 29-Goodnight Ypsilanti was mostly recorded in January 2011, left to marinate for the remainder of the winter, and then finally edited and unleashed on September 12, 2011.

Thanks so much to Marshall York for stopping by Hootenanny Studios lo those many moths ago to share his music and philosophies on making said music, and if you’re like us and can’t get enough of the man, listen to his two 31 Songs/31 Days records here, and come see Borealis at the PIT on Wednesdays at 9 PM (for free!).  Thanks also to Alan Smith for his ceaseless co-hosting awesomeness, and also to Lorraine Cink, Michelle Ciotta, and Sean Reidy for their vocal talents.  Our outro music is by Virginia Coalition, and they are just plain the best forever.  Thanks most of all to you, lovely listener, and we’ll see you at Exit 30, the production of which begins right…NOW!

Exit 28-White Lightning

July 13, 2011

Brooklyn rockers The Bottom Dollars visit Hootenanny Studios and grace us with their jams, as well as the ragtag circumstances that brought them together.  The Quality Control board adopts nicknames and offends all known American corporations, and yet somehow Bright Machine Productions successfully secures a full slate of new sponsors for the show.  All this and more when you click here, or stream below…